Focus on What You Value Most in Life

and actually accomplish your goals

Get your life in gear with an undated planner you can start whenever

The potential of a brand new year and that soothing feeling of using your pen to write your goals down in a beautiful journal are more than enough reasons to indulge in yet another brand new planner.

And while every decision to buy a planner starts with you dreaming about the new year and how you’ll fill your planner with braver, loftier goals, it always ends exactly the same way: with dozens of planners you’ll never use beyond March.

Sound familiar?

The kind of planner you get when you get serious about life

The truth is, with so many options out there, finding THE planner is a challenge all planner-aholics and pretty stationery addicts face.

Even if you find a promising planner, chances are, unless you fill it up with to-dos and never-ending lists of tasks you’ll just start feeling guilty and chaotic all over again.

Not with the Blossom Planner.

Monthly Page Blossom Planner
Blossom Planner

Stop drifting and focus on how you want your life to be

Designed to keep you on track on a weekly basis and remind you what is absolutely necessary for you (and what isn’t), this undated planner comes in the perfect size. 

You can have open on your desk and make all those activities around you less daunting and overwhelming, helping you stay focused on what's most important to you – every single day.

What's so special about the Blossom Planner?

Besides being non-dated so you can start anytime without adding another planner to your pile of unused journals, the Blossom Planner includes:

  • Space to set your intentions for the year and hone in on the areas of your life you want to make the most of

  • A quarterly overview so you can stay on top of your goals for the next 3 months and check on your progress

  • Each month at a glance with things you want to remember and a habit tracker to keep an eye on new habits or make sure you don't neglect your old ones

  • While the planner is undated so you can start using it anytime, you'll find 5 full calendars (2018 through 2022) at the end of the planner to make your planning easier 
Monthly Page Blossom Planner
Blossom Planner Weekly Spread

  • A vertical layout to set your personal and professional focus for the week, set your priorities for each day, keep track of your self-care and express gratitude

  • Each weekly spread comes with a space you can use to take your mind off of the stress of the day and calm down

  • Plenty of space for doodles, notes, and handy reminders

  • A weekly evaluation page at the end of every week, so you can reflect on the last 7 days and appreciate your wins while planning ahead in a more mindful way

With the Blossom Planner, You Will Find It Easier to: 

Set your intentions for the year (without missing a day)

Get clear on your goals for each quarter and take action

Check your progress  quarterly, monthly, and weekly

Start new habits and keep track your current ones

Concentrate on your top-3 tasks and avoid overwhelm

Focus on the week ahead rather than the usual (boring) daily tasks

Feel driven and connected with yourself and your goals

Make time for self-care and gratitude on a daily basis

Plan ahead time-based events and stay on top of it all

... and more!

So, are you ready to reach those milestones and actually start doing what you write? 

Then grab a copy of the Blossom Planner and bring back balance and intention into your life right now. Use #MyBlossomPlanner on social to share glimpses of your journey and let us celebrate your wins with you!

Who Is the Blossom Planner for?

The Blossom Planner is for the busy woman looking for the perfect stylish planner to organize her life and become more mindful of her limited time. It's the trusted planning companion you can customize and make your own, enjoying a sense of creative freedom and self-expression even on those hectic, busy days.

You can simply start using it anytime without worrying about leaving unused pages or feeling guilty about how little you've used it, because you can always continue exactly where you left off.

It makes following through with your intentions much easier, reminding you to self-reflect and appreciate your efforts along the way. It’s the kind of planner you get when you want to keep your personal and professional goals at the forefront of your mind, so you can stop drifting and feel more on your game – every single day.

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